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A few words on Scotland »

How about that independence referendum? The Scottish people have spoken, and they said nay. As an American student studying abroad in London, it’s been fascinating to see the media coverage unfold while here. While I don’t really think I get a say on whether or not Scotland should have voted one way or another, it’s still interesting and practically inevitable that the referendum will have a lasting impact, no matter what the outcome was.


Chicago Fog

American photographer Michael Salisbury captured stunning photos of the fog swallowing Chicago this summer. 

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I may or may not have purposefully gone to buy groceries tonight because

  • the value of the pound is the weakest it’s been since I’ve been here
  • and the pound could go up in value if Scotland votes “no” on independence polls tomorrow

It pays to be informed, y’all. 


the fact that people think in different accents really gets to me 

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Pictured: My feels about starting course essays soon. And I sometimes pretend to look like a bro.