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Hi, I'm Matt Miller. Aspiring social media mogul. Student at the University of San Francisco. YouTuber. One of those millennials. 

Creators Of Color Google Group




I was in a serious funk today dealing with hate mail and YouTube drama, so instead of bumming around and feeling frustrated, I decided to start a Google group specifically for content creators of color. The goal is to have a group of smart, motivated and driven individuals who are looking to network, collaborate and motivate other online content creators. Bloggers, YouTubers, journalists, writers, musicians, podcasters WHATEVER. If you use the internet to make stuff and you’re a POC, this is the spot for you.

Admittedly, this is a completely new venture for me, I have no idea how this is gonna work or how many people are gonna join, so bear with me and let’s make some cool stuff. 

Innovation is everything. Good luck. I think you will succeed as long as it is inclusive of all POCs not just black Americans but people of all shades. Variety of voice is everything.

Yes, this group is completely inclusive. It’s open to all POC, not just black Americans. I’d love to have as much of an international presence as possible. 

I just sent in my app to join this group. Major thanks to chescaleigh for setting this up! I’m super excited to connect with other PoC content creators.


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I’ve done what I can. Now I wait and hope support comes through…Applying to grad school is pretty damn stressful, and I only just started.